We work with our clients through a multi-stage process designed to ensure optimal results in order to advance your cause.

Strategic planning is critical in today’s competitive charitable and not-for-profit sector marketplace. We have developed and implemented a number of strategic plans for community and national organizations that have positioned each for success. These include Ryerson University’ Advancement Office, Canadian Diabetes Association, TVOntario, Lakeridge Health Foundation, and SMARTRISK Foundation.

A properly constructed strategy will build competitive advantage. It provides clarity and focus for stakeholders, prioritizes financial resources, and communicates how you will advance Mission over time.

The process to develop the strategy is as important as the final plan produced. The planning process involves “unpacking” the organization to examine component parts like its structure, systems, and strategies to identify areas of strength, as well as areas requiring intervention and strategic consideration.

Board Governance

We consult with and train Boards to ensure you are properly fulfilling your fiduciary accountabilities and increase the professionalism of your Directors.

As a Board Director, you have key responsibilities. We will help you to be an effective team and member of a Board. We help distinguish between various governance models, interpret bylaws, and policies. We can work with your organization to assist you in gaining an appreciation of your legal obligations, conduct and/or participate in effective and efficient board meetings, and identify various board positions and understand board/staff dynamics.

Revenue Generation

We advise on the design and implementation of revenue generating initiatives that will advance your cause.

The Baker Group provides expert support to develop integrated strategies that encompass a variety revenue generating activities, with a particular emphasis on increasing philanthropic and membership support. As a chief executive/advancement officer, Bob Baker’s teams have generated in excess of $180 million. Our services encompass:

  • Integrated revenue generation planning
  • Establishing a Philanthropy Office
  • Building a Major Gifts program
  • Business development
  • Identifying and implementing new revenue generating initiatives


We develop strategic communications plans to maximize awareness about your cause and Mission.

Our integrated communications plans build around components that may be implemented as a standalone or all at the same time. We will work with you to develop Communications Objectives, conduct a Size-up and Environmental Scan, define Core Messages, and identify Target Audiences. Further, we will devise tactics (e.g. media relations, advertising, social media, etc.) to be implemented and timing of roll-out. All customized to your agency’s needs.

Interim Executive Services

We provide onsite interim executive management services to organizations as a short-term business solution that offers long-term gain.

We can help navigate organizational change, address critical issues and challenges, fill a gap created by a retiring or absent executive, or provide senior-level expertise to lead major projects and initiatives.

Managing Change

We offer support to organizations undertaking change processes to help reduce the team’s anxiety levels.